Carlos Pérez del Pulgar

Investigador laboratorio de robótica espacial

Universidad de Málaga


C.J. Pérez del Pulgar received M.S. degree and PhD in Computer Science at the University of Málaga (UMA). In 2000 he received a research internship in the System Engineering and Automation Department at the University of Malaga. After that, in 2004, he was given a permanent position as research support staff at the same university until 2017. Since 2010 he has been part-time assistant lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Faculty where he was responsible of different subjects related to automation and robotics. Currently he is assistant lecturer at the same University. In 2014 he performed a research stay in the Automation and Robotics section at ESA-ESTEC. His research interests include machine learning, surgical robotics, space robotics and autonomous astronomy. He has more than 20 publications in these topics and he has been involved in more than 10 different Spanish and European projects.

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