Why participate in S-Moving?

All the news on the technologies applied to the autonomous and connected mobility await you in S-Moving.

It is a prominent business space for the development of contacts, exchange of experiences, and the generation of alliances.

It is the ideal stage for presentation and exhibition of the major developments in innovative technologies and systems applied to the development of smart, autonomous and connected vehicles.

It counts on a full program of conferences on the latest trends in innovation, legislation and regulations, and integrated systems applied to the transport, mobility, industry 4.0, insurance, services and content, and new opportunities and challenges offered by the smart mobility.

It brings together the actors who focus their activities along the developing value chain of autonomous and connected vehicles, intelligent systems, and their technologies: innovative companies, startups, consultants, academics, policy-makers, etc… regarding innovation and its management.

It contributes to the promotion of innovative initiatives in the field of intelligent systems, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, giving an opportunity for business development and growth to the start-ups, TBCs (Technology Based Companies) and spin-offs of these areas.

The Opportunity

The autonomous and connected mobility systems represent a great opportunity for the development of new forms of present and future transport.

Robotics, self-learning, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, IoT, LIDAR… have a large potential for growth in the various fields of activity of these systems: land, maritime, and aerospace.

The innovation and application of new technologies to the autonomous and connected systems will lead to a real change in the transportation models of both people and things, as well as in the field of defense, rescue, research, etc.

These vehicles offer the possibility of numerous applications in various fields of production, business, social, and environmental issues.

In addition, they will reduce the reaction time, improve job security, in transport, in emergencies, and in a variety of fields.

Who participates?

  • Innovative companies that produce developments and software applicable to smart and connected vehicles

  • Automation companies

  • Companies related to the railway sector

  • Tractor companies

  • Trucking companies

  • Bus companies

  • Companies that provide the above

  • Companies and entities with European projects related to terrestrial transport/mobility

  • Companies dedicated to the test and trial of vehicles

  • Innovative companies that produce developments and software applicable to smart and connected vehicles

  • Manufacturers of UAVs

  • UAV distribution companies

  • Drone companies

  • Manufacturers of aircraft and their various components

  • Operators

  • Companies and entities with European projects related to transport/mobility in space

  • Manufacturers of components

  • Innovative companies that produce developments and software applicable to smart and connected vehicles

  • Manufacturers of marine equipment

  • Manufacturers of underwater rescue equipment

  • Suppliers to marine vehicle manufacturers

  • Manufacturers of marine drones

Other participants

  • Automation companies in the field of industry 4.0

  • CEOs and technicians of large companies

  • Consultants

  • Telephone and telecommunications companies

  • Companies in the sectors of digital transformation, big data, and IoT

  • Manufacturers and distributors of components

  • Geodesic companies

  • Insurance companies

  • Parks and technological centers

  • Universities and research groups, startup, TBCs and spin-offs

  • Robotic companies

  • Companies and organizations with projects in the field of intelligent mobility

  • Construction companies (Public Works)

  • Professional associations

  • Project managers

  • Logistics companies

  • Organisations that provide funding for projects

  • Companies related to the public and private transport sectors

  • Hardware and software manufacturers

  • State security groups and forces

  • Emergency companies

  • Ministries of different countries linked to the transport and mobility sectors

  • Audiovisual companies

  • Companies that perform maintenance work on infrastructures

  • Managers and technicians of public administrations:

    • Municipalities
    • Managers of public infrastructure
    • Regional, national and European administrations

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