S-MOVING, Smart, Autonomous and Unmanned Vehicles Forum, returns with its second edition next October consolidated as the pioneer meeting in Europe in the field of smart, autonomous and connected mobility. During the 9th and 10th of that month the event, organised by FYCMA (Malaga Fair and Congress Centre), will give us a sneak preview of the most innovative trends in cross-cutting aspects of technology in the terrestrial, aerospace and maritime environment, as well as its infrastructures and its application to the urban environment

Málaga will once again become a benchmark for smart, autonomous and connected mobility by land, sea and aerospace with the celebration of S-MOVING, Smart, Autonomous and Unmanned Vehicles Forum, on the 9th and 10th of October. The event, organised by FYCMA (Malaga Fair and Congress Centre), aims to share, from a transversal perspective, the technologies applied to this type of mobility and its infrastructures. In 2018 it held its first edition which was trailblazing in Europe and brought together more than a thousand professionals around the opportunities and challenges arising from these innovative technologies and their implementation in strategic sectors of the economy, of which more than 90 percent rated the offer collected in the forum as excellent.

In this way, S-MOVING will address a complete presentations’ programme, round tables of experts and success stories in which the news related with the sector will be analysed, in the case of new forms of mobility, trends in intelligent transport in cities or the evolution of the AGV system (Automated Guided Vehicle) to the SDV 4.0 (Self-Driving Vehicles), in other words, the sustained change in this industry with automated and connected solutions. There will also be room for all those technologies that affect the sector in a transversal way: artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, IoT (the Internet of things), robotics, 5G or mechatronics, inter alia – as well as those directly related with aerospace media, maritime, land and drones. In turn, the intelligent infrastructures responsible for containing these novel advances will be the focus of the analysis.

In addition, the forum will include an exhibition area where companies and public entities will show their products and services linked to connected vehicles and related and complementary technologies. In this regard, the multisectorial nature of the event should be highlighted, an aspect that makes it unique and sets it apart.

Together with this, a space will be created for bilateral meetings with potential technological partners managed through an online tool. In this sense, the specialised profile of the participants with a real interest in identifying new collaborative projects stands out, which at the last edition resulted in more than 500 work meetings organised during its two days duration.

S-MOVING 2018 brought together representatives from more than 300 companies and a hundred experts to share the most innovative agenda in these aspects, paying special attention to collective transport, industry 4.0, big data, cybersecurity and the great prominence of hyperloop projects.

S-MOVING 2018 was organised by FYCMA, the City Council of Malaga and the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia – IDEA + Invest in Andalusia – attached to the Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce. The University of Málaga (UMA) acted as a Golden Partner and as Silver Partners the technological group, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) and Vodafone. It relied on the cooperation of the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of the Electric Vehicle (AEDIVE), the Spanish Association of Drones and Similar (AEDRON), the employer representing the sector of the digital technology industry in Spain AMETIC, Andalucía Aerospace – Business Cluster Helix-, the Marine Maritime Cluster of Andalusia, the Technology Park of Andalusia, the Spanish Federation of Associations of RPAS (FEDAR), the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Malaga (AJE) and the Regional Ministry of Knowledge, Research and University through EXTENDA – an Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion.

Further information at www.smovingforum.com, on their Facebook page and on its Twitter profile @smovingforum